The Bonderam Festival is celebrated in Goa in the memory of the protests that were made by the local villagers against the unjust and unreasonable system they adopted to settle land disputes and ownership issues of land. There is a history behind the Bonderam Festival. There were often some disputes and fights between the villagers on the Divar Island over the ownership of lands. Thus the Portuguese put up flags to mark the lines due to which the villagers were unable to capture the lands of the nearby villages. Thus they protested against this system.

Description of Bonderam Festival

Divar Island, the charming and quiet island in Goa comes alive with the festive spirit during the Bonderam Festival. There is a carnival ambience that is created with the melody of the music reaching even the mainland of Old Goa. Flocks of people come to take part in the carnival and rejoice in the celebrations of the Festival of Bonderam in Goa.There is a float for each section of the villages, that are decorated in colors and colorfully clad youngsters who take part in the parade, presenting a pretty picture. People engage in mock fights as a parody of the past, which is remembered with a "fotash' fight that is a toy weapon of bamboo stems, while berries are used as missiles to knock down the aberrant flags.

Time for celebrating Bonderam Festival

The Bonderam Festival or the feast of Bonderam is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August each year. The venue for celebrating the Bonderam Festival is at Divar Island, which is 12 kilometers from Panjim, the capital of Goa. Book Your Tour