Deogarh City Guide

Deogarh Mahal -Deogarh, located 135 km from Udaipur on Udaipur-Ajmer route, on a hillock and encircled by the town was built in 1670 AD by Rawar Dwarkadasji of the Sisodia dynasty . Constructed by the famed Sompura architects, well known for their talents, Deogarh is a testimony to their skilled craftsmanship. There are five floors and over 200 rooms in this Castle, numerous balconies, carved pillars and extensive use of marble has added to its attraction. Only 22 rooms have been renovated maintaining the old décor.

Activities that one can indulge while in Deogarh -

  • Rural Ramble - a Deogarh MahalJeep drive into the countryside with an escort.
  • Rural Rail - A local train ride through a wooded hill section ( Deogarh to Phulad. 1930's train).
  • Trekking (in the hills)
  • English saddle horse riding around the hotel and the nearby villages.
  • Romantic horse-carriage ride.
  • Morning walk & breakfast.
  • A walk through the village.
  • Boating on the lake ( monsoon permitting).
  • Bird watching (near the lakes) with an expert.
  • Relaxing massage by expert Ayurvedic masseurs from Kerala.
  • Picnics can be arranged.
  • Bicycling single or tandem Book Your Tour
  • Special romantic dinners
  • Pick-up and ride in vintage cars (1962 Jaguar S Type, 1942 GI Jeep, 1938 Chevrolet)