Lothal City Guide

Lothal is ancient city, about 4500 year old city in India. It was discovered in the year of 1954 after India had to give up the historical sites of Mohanjodro and Harappa to Pakistan during the partition in 1947. During the Harappa epoch, Lothal was a central port on the Indian subcontinent.

In ancient times, Lothal was a major and booming trade centre with its trade of gems, beads and valuable ornaments. The port was used to reach valuable trade items to the far corners of West Asia and Africa. Today, it is India's most important archaeological site due to its scientific reasons of layout of the city and a very big port that confirms it was a famous port city that assisted trade with other civilizations of the time.

Lothal's people made significant contributions to human civilization in the Indus era. They gave their valuable contributions in the field of art & architecture, science, engineering, city planning, and religion. Their work in bead making, metallurgy, jewellery making, and seals was the basis of their opulence and prosperity. They used appropriate tools and techniques in art & sculpture and their works like bead-making, metallurgy and jewellery making.

Today, with its rich historical background andlothal-city rich civilization, Lothal is an important tourist destination in India. It is located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. It is situated at the distance of about 85 km southwest of Ahmedabad.

As a tourist destination Lothal has vast ruins of ancient city to see and explore. The sites of ancient dockyard, the bead factory, the drainage system, the archeological museum, the Utelia Palace, the lower town, the acropolis, the warehouses, etc are prime attractions of travel and tours in Lothal, India. The archaeological museum of Lothal has objects found from the sites like beads, jewelleries, painted & perforated potteries, mirrors of copper & bronze, toy bullock carts, and a variety of objects made from bones, shells, and stones. The museum also displays terracotta figures from Sumeria, variety of objects from Egypt, seals from Brahmin, etc. The most important attraction of the museum is a Model of City in Plaster of Paris made by archaeologists based on reconstructions.

Prime Attractions in Lothal:-

Vast Ruins of Ancient City, Archaeological Museum, Drainage System, Warehouses, Ancient Dockyard, etc.

Attractions around Lothal:-

Utelia Palace:– It is situated at the very short distance of 5 kmaway from Lothal. It was built by Neknamdar Thakore Saheb Sur Sinhji. It is a beautiful palace, worth visit on Lothal tours. It beauty lies in its five domes, pillared galleries, balconies and porticoes. It is a marvelous example of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style. Tourists can see the beautiful views of the surrounding villages and the River Bhogavo.

Where to Stay:-

Utelia Palace:– a Five Star Heritage Hotel and Gujarat State Tourism dormitory.

Hot to Get There:-

The nearest Airport is at Ahmedabad. It is well-connected by roads with the major cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Bagodra and Dholka.