Fair & Festivals of India

India is globally famous for its rich culture, tradition and heritage. Perhaps it is the just right destination for cultural tourism in the world. India's rich culture and tradition deserves the attentions of tourists as well as several scholars and researches from all over the world. Fairs and festivals of India are perhaps excellent ways to know about rich culture and tradition of the country.

There are several fairs and festivals in the country depicting rich culture, custom and tradition of the country. Every year several festivals and fairs are celebrated in India. Indians celebrate fairs and festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm. People say that India is land of fun and frolic.

It comes to true when it is festive season in the country. People of all age and even women participate in fairs and festivals of India. Durga Pooja, Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, Onam, Hemis Festival, Pushkar Fairs & Festivals, Bikaner Cattle Fair, Gangaur Festival, Elephant Festivals, etc are some famous fairs and festivals of India. Indian fairs and festivals play a major role in the boom of tourism of India.

Fair and Festivals of Kerala

Fair and Festivals of Uttar Pradesh