Hotels in Pushkar

Hotels In Pushkar
Hotel Pushkar Palace Hotel Sarovar
Hotel Jagat Singh Palace Hotel New Park
Prafful Palace

1. Hotel Pushkar Palace

Hotel Pushkar Palace
Class : Heritage Hotel

Rooms : Double : 30, Suite : 9.

Hotel Profile :
The Hotel is classified by the Govt. of India, Deptt. of Tourism as a " Heritage Hotel" and has the finest accommodation in town, which offers memorable stay to the guests by providing royal comforts in traditional Rajasthani style.

2. Hotel Sarovar

Class: Heritage Hotel

Rooms : Double : 24.

Hotel Profile :
Sarovar, Classic Hotel, a unit of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC). RTDC offers a vast network of accommodation throughout Rajasthan. These complexes are strategically located and come in low budget, economy and deluxe ranges.Book Your Tour

3. Hotel Jagat Singh Palace

Hotel Jagat Singh Palace

Class : Heritage Hotel

Rooms : Double : 36

Hotel Profile:
The heritage Jagat Singh Palace Hotel conveniently located at Pushkar, extends you a royal welcome and offers an opportunity to explore the exquisite artistic galore of Rajasthan. Nestled in the beautiful snake mountain on one side and the great Thar sand.

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4. Hotel New Park

Class:Budget Hotel

Rooms : Double : 32,

Hotel Profile:
Hotel New Park is ideally situated on the eastern edge of Pushkar surrounded by mountains, forest, and a beautiful rose garden. This property offers visitors an unforgettable experience of real unspoilt India at its rural best.

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5. Prafful Palace

Class : Budget Hotel

Rooms : Single : 2, Double : 8,

Hotel Profile :
Hotel Prafful Palace in front of Pap Mochni Temple and Marwara bus stand, North of the lake, is run by a very friendly Agrawal family and is a popular choice with travelers. It's very peaceful and quite place. Spacious, spotless room around an airy open.

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