Goa Beach Tours

Goa is the smallest but one of the charming and captivating states in India. It is fondly described as the Beach Capital of India because it has an astonishing coastline of 125 km with breathtakingly beautiful palm fringed beaches. The state has some of the finest beach resorts in the world with excellent world class tourist facilities. Tourists and holidaymakers from all over the world embark on Goa beach tours to relish the charm of beach tourism in India. There are lots to do on beach tours in gorgeous Goa. Travelers can enjoy the charm of sand, surf and sea. They can enjoy swimming, sun basking and lots of other beach activities. They can enjoy various water sports. Get a brilliant bronze tan on Goa beach holidays. Enjoy ayurvedic body massage at one of famous resorts and get rejuvenated your mind and body. In totality, Goa beach tours mean forget about all worries and make merry in amiable ambiance and treasure unique lifetime experience.

Agonda Beach :

Agonda Beach is positioned between Panaji (the capital city of Goa) and famous Palolem Beach. It is a three-kilometer-long beach flocked by a very few tourists. It is right beach destination in the state for peaceful vacation. It is ideal for tourists who do not want to be disturbed by a swarming crowd often head to this beach. It is famous as a Ridley turtle nesting site. You will get a much-needed solitude and amazing serenity at Agonda, which is rare in cities. In comparison to other beaches, it is much cleaner due to lack of beach crowd. There are no shopkeepers to bother, as you will find no shops and restaurants in this beach. The solitary sea, silver sand and shining sun is there to intensify your experience of beach tours in gorgeous Goa. But there is a word of caution for the tourists. Do not venture to far into the sea even if you know swimming. The facilities here are not as good as in other beaches and you will be required to carry all the requisite items.

Aguada Beach :

Aguada is one of the most favorite beaches of Goa. It is located in northern Goa. It is full of tourists and vacationers all through the day who come here to enjoy the beach as well as the heritage. Aguada Fort is a must visit here. One gets to see a clear and an undisturbed view of the sea from the Fort Aguada. Aguada Beach is famous among water sport lovers. The best time to visit this beach is the period of November to March.

Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna Beach is an internationally Book Your Tourfamous beach destination in Goa. Located in northern India, it covers it has lots to offer its visitors. Major attractions here include Rave Parties (Trance Parties or Full Moon Night Parties), Wednesday Flea Market, Chapora Fort, Vagator Cove, Mascarenhas Mansion, Albuquerque Mansion, St Miguel's Church, Nossa Senhora de Saude Chapel, Nossa Senhora de Piedade Chapel, Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, Bramhani Yoga Center, etc.

Calanguate & Baga Beach :

Located in northern Goa, Calanguate is town in Goa. It is famous for its Calanguate and Baga beaches. It is the largest beach destination in the northern Goa. It is visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists. Tourists can enjoy here amazing charm of sun, sand and surf. St Alex Church, Kerkar Art Complex, Medicinal Springs, Baga Retreat House, Water Sports, Crocodile & Dolphin spotting, shopping, etc are attractions and Calanguate and Baga beaches. For the entertainment of the tourists, cultural events like rock shows, pop shows, open-air dances and fetes are organized quite frequently.

Colva Beach :

Located merely 6 km from Margao, Colva is the oldest and longest beach of Goa. It has 25 km of coastline. Walk on bare-footed on the silver white sand, relax under the shades of the coconut palms or indulge in beach sports on your Goa beach tour. The Colva beach starts from Bogmalo Beach in the north to Cabo de Rama in the south. It was once the favorite weekend getaway for the upper class elites of Margao. They often headed to Colva for the "Mundanca" or the 'Change of Air'. Get an air of aristocracy at Colva by looking around at luxurious houses or villas scattered all around the village.

Dona Paula Beach :

Dona Paula Beach is a small beach in comparison to other famous beaches of Goa. It is small but one of the most sought after beaches in the state. It is positioned at the meeting point of the Zuari River and the Mandovi River. It is renowned for the beach sports activities. It is famous for its seaside shopping, sunbathing, water sports and food shacks. This beautiful beach is named after a Portuguese girl, Dona Paula de Menzes. She was the daughter of a Viceroy in colonial India. The locals will tell you the love tale of this girl. She fell in love with a local fisherman named Gaspar Dias but was not allowed to marry him by his father. She committed suicide by falling off a cliff to show her true love for the boy. The locals believe that the body of Dona Paula is kept in the Cabo Chapel of the Raj Bhawan. They also believe that she comes out from the waves in the moon lit night wearing only a pearl necklace. That's why is also lovers' paradise and very popular among honeymooners. Many tourists are attracted to this beach by this story. They are saddened by the sad end to a love story and hope to see Dona Paula in the moonlight.